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Discover why an Internet home business is easier to own, produces greater cash flow, and is more profitable than owning brick and mortar type businesses... especially in today’s market. AND ANYONE CAN DO IT!

It’s no secret that many Internet home businesses have become legendary for their ability to “multiply” your net worth. And this year is poised to be one of the best years ever in which to invest in and start a work-at-home Internet business and secure your retirement.

Consumer Review Journal recently reported: 




"While the business economy is struggling, Internet business is showing solid fundamentals in many markets - with Internet sales high, increasing growth and cost under control."

Why? Simply because as the population grows, the demand for Internet products and services grows proportionately. In fact it is estimated that internet purchasing in the U.S. alone could double within the next  year. If this happens, it is very likely that Internet millionaire’s will skyrocket!

My Free Plan 2008 Edition, Reveals How to Own Your Internet Home Business and Become Independently Wealthy

My Free Plan 2008 Edition, shows you what it takes to begin building a fortune through your very own Internet home business right now! This groundbreaking program will show you step-by-step how you could own a lucrative Internet home business and be making big money in the next 30 days. You’ll discover how it’s possible to:

  • Increase your worth by up to 100% in 30 - 60 days.
  • Quickly pinpoint the money making products and services.
  • Create a business boom with just one product.
  • Determine the highest best Internet income generator. (No calculator needed.)
  • How simple no cost steps can add huge value to your internet business

     From the desk of John P.Serdne

    Today’s historic Internet market is the opportunity of a lifetime to start building your personal fortune with an Internet business

    Dear Friend,

    Q. What is the biggest difference between an average person and an enormously rich Internet business owner?

    A. An enormously rich Internet business owner knows how to use a system to generate loads of cash day in and day out. Owning an Internet business system is a proven path to outrageous personal wealth. I
    t takes no more “smarts” than buying a car, but it does take special knowledge.

    You’re invited to try my FREE software on making money and building wealth with a unique work-at-home business program.

    You’ll see how to make “loads of money” and be shown how savvy Internet businesses are put together. You’ll see how a little more than a week’s worth of work on your part can lead to extra monthly income of $30,000 or more.

    I am one of the true believers in the Internet market. Imagine traveling to the Caribbean and coming back with more than a tan… Coming back as an Internet business owner and having more in your bank account than when you left! I will show you how you can do it.

    This is the only Internet business program where you can get the key secrets I use to structure extremely lucrative Internet businesses ANYWHERE.

    With the information you’ll learn using my program, I promise you’ll know how to start building substantial wealth quickly and safely.

    Internet Business Owner & Authority on Building Wealth

    P.S. You’ll discover how an Internet home business can add more wealth to your life faster than you ever dreamed possible.



Any successful Internet entrepreneur will tell you that to be successful you will need to have more than one opportunity available that will create an income from many sectors of the Internet.

My program will teach you how to create income from some of the most successful opportunities available. I will teach EXACTLY how I have earned my wealth from programs I have created, such as:

VIRTUAL OFFICE - This is one of the easiest opportunities for making money you will find on the Internet. I will show you how to set up your virtual office and make it succeed. With the Internet growing every day the need for virtual office assistance is a must for a successful Internet businesses to grow. Not only will I show you how to set up your own successful virtual office, I will show you how you can cash in on helping the millions of Web sites that are in need of your virtual assistance. You will cash in on this ground breaking opportunity that will put money in your pocket with simplicity and just a little effort.

ONLINE TRAVEL BUSINESS - You will see many opportunities to start your own online travel business. You can make huge commissions for helping people book their vacations, flights, cruises, hotels, rental cars, etc. My program goes a step further as I will show you a simple program that does all the work for you. You only need to login and check your earnings and that is it. This program can earn you a seven digit salary in the first year. Popular online travel agencies such as Travelocity, Orbitz, and Expedia started in the same manner that I will show you. It will be up to you on how far you want to take this opportunity; after my step-by-step program, the potential is limitless.

WEB HOSTING - The hundreds of millions of Web sites on the World Wide Web all require hosting. My program will show you how to provide hosting to Web sites with no interaction on your part. The Web sites will pay you monthly to host their Web sites with your very own Web hosting company. Your own Web hosting company will provide all the support, collect the monthly fees and deal with all the day-to-day operations. You will get a check every month and all you have to do is follow my step-by-step program.

DOMAIN INVESTING - This is one of the fastest growing Internet opportunities you will see on the Internet today. This opportunity is also known as domain real estate. I personally have made more money doing this than I ever could with property real estate. One thing to remember about Web site domain names is that they NEVER lose value; they will always gain in value the longer you own them. I will show my secrets on how to buy domain names for as little as $3 and make a residual income while sitting on your domain investment. I personal have made over $100K in a year with this amazing opportunity. I will let you know EXACTLY how I did it.

eBAY SALES - You see opportunities all over the Internet on how to make money on eBay. You WILL NEVER see an opportunity like I will teach you. You WILL NEVER need to list an auction on eBay or try selling something through their auction. As a matter of fact I do not even have an eBay account and I make money on almost EVERY SALE on eBay. If you bought something on eBay chances are I made a small part of that sale. My step-by-step program will show you how to take a piece of every sale made on eBay without ever spending a penny.

INTERNET PUBLISHING - This is the number one way many Internet business owners become millionaires. You can use all of the training I will give you to become a publisher of material on and off the Internet. If you are thinking you are not a publisher, think again. My program will take you step-by-step to show you how simple it is to create wealth even if you have no experience in this field. This program will also help you succeed with all of the other opportunities I will show you in the My-Free-Plan program. 
AFFILIATE MARKETING - You have seen many opportunities on the Internet on affiliate marketing. I will show you how to make money in both aspects of this opportunity as most of the programs you see only teach you how to promote for others and make money. You can make money from promoting other sites, and most importantly how you can have others work for you. My exclusive program will get you a large number of affiliates working directly for you and making you money. This is a win-win situation for all involved.


All of the opportunities I have mentioned are not a theory, fantasy or scams. These are proven methods that have made not only me wealthy, but all who currently have dedicated themselves to doing them. If you think the above opportunities sound complicated... they are not. Most of the people I have trained barely could turn on their computer, and are now making a fortune because they were willing to learn my programs.

All you will ever see on the Internet today is the get-rich-quick schemes that will only have you selling their program to others and/or that are a fancy way to multi-level marketing.

None of my opportunities deal with having to sell my program or any of the programs mentioned to others. You make the money from legitimate opportunities and






See how much Money our top earners made just last month alone, and this is with only one of the elements of my internet work at home program!

Don’t let these myths stop you from owning an Internet home business!

Myth: Internet businesses are too expensive.

Reality: It can be the best bargain when starting any type of business. Fact is, it can cost no more out of your pocket to own your own Internet home business than you pay to fill up your gas tank! My Free Program has taken almost all the expensive start up costs that normally are acquired with beginning a new business. Any costs that are ever suggested with my program are 100% optional and are only suggested to increase your earnings.


Myth: Internet businesses are too complicated.

Reality: It can be easy. Starting your first Internet business can be no more complicated than buying your first car. Perhaps even less complicated, because with My system you will know the right way to go about it. Most importantly, I have removed many of the complications and obstacles you find when trying to do other programs. I have made my program easy for everyone to understand, even if you have little to no computer knowledge.

Myth: Internet businesses are too time consuming.

Reality: It can be effortless to manage. The secret is to have a system in place that manages your business. It can be set on autopilot so very few hours a week will be needed. At first you will spend more time getting organized and understanding how everything is set up and operates. Once that is accomplished you will only need to oversee your business's operation and progression. I personally only spend 4 to 5 hours every week.

The Biggest Myth of All…

Myth: Only the rich can afford a real Internet business.

Reality: Internet businesses can make you rich, but you don’t need to be loaded with cash to get started.


Available to everyone!  One of the best things I love about the Internet is that no one person or country has an advantage. My program is available to all ages 18 and up, as well as to folks in every country in the world. This is because the Internet World Wide Web is exactly that. The WWW is available to anyone who has an Internet connection; my program will create equal opportunities from where ever you call home. So whether you live in the U.S.A., U.K, Singapore, or Zimbabwe, you will have the same opportunity as me.

If you’ve been wishing for a new way to create income that’s richer than any brick and mortar business or other online businesses, this is for you!  

This is more than how to move up a rung or two on the Wealth Ladder… this is how to take the express elevator to the top floor!

Now you can learn ways to master the art of Internet business and marketing and get a complete overview of what it takes to be successful in your new or existing Internet business.

You’ll get an up-close view of the best types of Internet businesses to cash in on now and the hidden Internet gems with big payout potential that often go overlooked, including: 

  • Find Prime Internet businesses before they hit the market
  • See Exactly why it’s Reliably Profitable business

Plus how to:

  • Start with a positive cash flow
  • Get immediate cash
  • Locate Internet opportunities that can subsidize your retirement 


See How Easy It Is to Cash In! You’ll see real-life examples of making money with all types of Internet home businesses… Internet businesses that have made MILLIONAIRES out of ordinary people just like you. You’ll discover My hands-on training where you’ll find Internet businesses and analyze their money-making potential under the savvy guidance of my Internet home business program. Find out how!

You’ll discover:

  • Huge wealth is possible: Make thousands a week
  • Little to no risk: Make money with little or no money out of pocket
  • Fast Income: Make money in less than 30 days
  • Steady Income: Generate a constant cash flow you can bank on
  • Secure Growth: Get long term residual income with built in increases
  • Less Work: Enjoy hassle-free, low cost / no cost daily business operations with just a few hours of your time per week

    Who Should Try My Internet Home Business Program?  



    First-time Business Owners: If you have never invested in a business or an Internet home business, get started with the big money maker right from the start. Don’t waste your time and money with other programs when you can own a lucrative Internet money-making business with no cash out of your pocket.

    Current Business Owners: Find out how to move up to the phenomenal income potential of Internet home businesses. Get proven strategies that take you from an average income level and put you in a whole new money-making league.

      Experienced Internet Business Owners: Discover how to construct truly powerful Internet businesses that take your income to the next level and beyond. This is Internet business on steroids. Discover how to find, analyze, and secure the biggest and most lucrative new Internet business opportunities and watch your profits soar.

      It’s OK to Start at Zero, as Long as You Start! 


      Some of today’s most successful Internet business owners started with nothing. Like me, banks wouldn’t talk to them. They had no personal assets or no money. Now you can find out how it’s possible to overcome these obstacles and go from $0 to Millions.

      With My Free Plan Internet home-business system, you’ll discover how to find the hidden gems, the diamond in the rough, risk-free Internet products and services that make you wealthy, and how you can do this quickly on the Internet with just about any business you choose.

      See why almost anyone can tap the “millionaire mindset” and become truly wealthy.


      I will send you my free CD (Compact Disc) with all the programs I have mentioned. You will get a step-by-step program. What I mean by step-by-step is that after you finish step one, you go to step two, etc. It is easy to follow in a language everyone will understand. You can work at you own pace with no pressures to meet any deadlines. You can do one program at a time to assure your success. You will make money with all of the programs I will teach you and it is up to you whether you want to do one, or do them all.

      You will also receive notification on updates of the latest free programs I offer. You will have first dibs to get your CD as soon as it is published.


      You will not get requests for additional money to continue with the program.

      You will not receive any cold calling "opportunities" or required recruiting of other people in order for you to make money.

      About 90% of all the opportunities you will find for Internet businesses deal with MLM (multi-level-marketing). To me there are very few that work, and most of these type of programs are just a fancy way of doing chain letters through the Internet. I personally hate most these opportunities as they can take years to succeed and even then you have only about a 1% chance of real success. You definitely will not see this in my program.

      You won't need to have any past experience in Web design, scripting, marketing, coding, etc. This is why I am offering this program in a way that will teach the novice computer user to succeed on the Internet and to show experienced Internet business owners how to reach the next level.

        If you think this is already a great deal (free... it doesn't get too much better than that!) I am also going to give you hundreds of dollars worth of ebooks, software, and resell rights to over 30 products. I will give you personal home business tips on taxes, computer knowledge, and much more.

        Here is a recap of what I am going to give you for Free!
        A complete program on CD with step-by-step tutorials on exactly how to make thousands of dollars a day working from home with your own Internet home business. (No further obligation will be required.)

        Hundreds of dollars worth of useful ebooks, software and home business advice. (No further obligation will be required.)

        So what is the catch? I know this sounds too good to be true, but you will see that there are no catches. What I am going to give you is free... all you need to pay is a very small fee for shipping and handling. So what do you have to lose? I already mentioned there are no additional costs for my program once you get the CD. Usually companies offering free CDs will send you the CD, then tell you to get the program you will need to spend "X" amount of money. Not me... everything you will need is on the free CD.

        I will offer my personal coaching over the phone, but this is optional and not required. I will charge a small fee for this if you want to have a personal coach. I know what you are thinking: "Uh huh! That is the catch and how he is making money." This is far from the truth since about 99% of the people who have tried my program and succeeded never once had to call me. I personally have made this program so easy to understand that calling me will not have to be an option. I am just letting you know I am here if you need me.

        Why the others charge money! Anyone who is charging money for an Internet business is usually only making money from the program they sell you, not from the actual way they mention in their site. I just want to prove to you that this really works and I do not need to sell it to make money. I make enough money from my programs and this is my way of sharing this opportunity with others.

        Nepolean Hill (Author of "Think and Grow Rich") Once wrote, "When you first help others reach their goals, you will reach yours 10 fold"!

        "I truly believe this, and I try to live me life to the best of my ability by this statement"

        But because I cannot sit for 8 hours a day sending my free CD's. I am limiting this once in a lifetime opportunity to a certain number of orders.

        So get your copy today before I get tired of sending these free CD's out. 



        Still on the fence about an Internet Home Business?

        Are you thinking about trying another program that you have seen?

        Try the others… and then when you get tired of all the same old B.S., or when you are ready to build real wealth, come back and see us!

        Just Remember what Billionaire Ray Kroc (Founder and CEO of McDonalds) says:


        The Right Place at The Right Time

        2. Recognize You Are There

        3. Take Massive and Immediate Action

        Over 90% of people who purchase a home business program, who own or have tried a MLM business do not use or capitalize on the purchased product. Main reason why? The Internet program they purchased is worthless or too hard to understand. When you paid someone for their program, you just made them richer, not you.

        A 20 to 60 minute work day is no longer hard to believe for all the people who since 2006 have tried the excellent My Free Plan

        Over 92% of the people who try My Free Plan program wind up continuing it based upon the income and wealth building benefits experienced and the deposits they have made into their bank accounts.

        If you value your time at more than $5 an hour, My Free Plan  program will be the least expensive Internet home business method you can invest in.

        My Free Plan 20 to 60 minute work day is for people from 18 to 100 years old with little or no experience, to savvy, experienced business people as well. My program adapts its systems to everyday events in the economy during the 20 to 60 minute work day to exactly match the user's ability to perform the work. My system helps to balance one's lifestyle and extracurricular activities, while improving one’s income potential.

        Too good to be true? Get your copy of my free program and see for yourself. The best proof for me is that 92% of people who try my program use it and make money with it, many times not spending any additional money.